By the way, did you know that clothes wear out more quickly if they are washed often?
Instead of washing your favourite items right away, try airing them out in the evening, for example by the open window. Just make sure it doesn't blow away ;-) 

We understand that you want your clothes to smell nice, but too much detergent and/or fabric softener is not good for the fabrics, it even makes them less beautiful. So wash at low temperatures and with small amounts of detergent and possibly fabric softener.

And about the dryer, we don't use it to dry our clothes. It causes wear and shrinkage of your clothes. Finishes like prints and shimmers don't like the dryer either.

Retain colour
Vinegar makes colours run less. Perfect for coloured clothes! Soak your brightly coloured clothes overnight in cold water mixed with a cup of vinegar to preserve those beautiful colours. Washing a pair of jeans with vinegar will make the blue colour fade less easily.

The fabric shrinks quickly, so care should be taken when washing it. The fabric loses its strength when wet.
Viscose can be washed in the washing machine on the gentle or wool programme at low spin speed. Do not wash it together with jeans or other bulky items.

Viscose shrinks about 4% when washed, you can make it right again by ironing it inside out. Do not iron on the highest setting.

Travel fabric
The travel-quality is an 'easy care-fabric', easy to wash and does not need ironing, because it dries very quickly. Wash at 30 degrees. The travel fabric dries very quickly, which is why the garment does not need to be tumble dried, but should be hung out to dry immediately after washing.
Travel fabric does not pile by nature and can only be caused by friction, which causes abrasion and destroys the travel fabric. So be careful with jackets, bags, jewellery, car belts, zips, Velcro etc.

Wax and leather look 
These items have a coating. Do not wash too often, but air them. And if you wash them, do so at a very low temperature and never iron or tumble dry them. Make sure you do not put these items on top of dark clothes in your closet. And light items with dark items can rub off.

One size trousers
Wash these fine trousers at low temperature, do not tumble dry and do not iron. This is how this superstretch stays at its best. After washing, the trousers will look twice as big, but that's all right!

Mohair is a natural product and has the property that it can be a little fluffy at the beginning, this will go away by wearing.
As mentioned before, do not wash your favourite items too often. After all, we don't always put a sheep in the washing machine ;-) 
If you do wash it, always use a cold wool cycle and the lowest spin speed.

Print and sparkles
Is there a photo print on the garment? Then wash it inside out at a low temperature on a wool wash programme. The print can always show some cracks through wearing and washing, as it is printed on and not woven in. 

The same applies to the shimmers, wash them on a gentle cycle at a low temperature. 

Whether your garment will pill depends mainly on the material it is made of. Some fabrics are more sensitive to pilling than others. Wool is the most sensitive to pilling, but acrylic, polyester and viscose are also 'lint-sensitive' fabrics. 

Pilling is caused by friction of the material, which is why it will affect both good and inferior quality clothing. The fibres of the material wrap around each other, something that happens both during wear and during washing.

You can easily remove the pilling by using a pilling tool. 

Puffer coats
Only wash your jacket if it's really necessary as described in the jacket. If you wash the jacket yourself, then put it in the dryer on low temperature with 3 tennis balls to make it airy again.

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